Jet Boat Trips


In 1895 a mail contract was issued to carry the US Postal Service mail over water to Agness Oregon. This is the start of the upriver jetboatweb1passenger boat operations on the Rogue River. Departing from Gold Beach is the only way to get jet boat access to the pristine "Wild Section" of the world famous Rogue River. Jet Boats skim the Rogue's waters 52 miles up into the Wild and Scenic Section going far into the Federally protected areas. Normally, power boats are not allowed in a Federally Designated Wild Section, however Jet Boats were operating from Gold Beach to Agness long before the Federal Wild and Scenic protections were in place.

River, Wild Lands and abundant Wildlife in a safe and exhilarating whitewater trip upriver. These trips are considered a must-do during any Gold Beach visit — at least in the months between May and October.

Jet boats are designed specifically for safely navigating strong currents and shallow riffles, so you can relax as trained pilots treat you to tall tales and river lore, incredible scenery and sightings of black bear, river otters, eagles and the rare mountain lion.

At Jot's Resort, not only can we make your jet boat reservation for you, but the boats will pick you up right outside your room on our docks.


Rogue Fishing


Jot's Resort located on the Rogue River is home to the some of the best year round fishing in the world. The Fall run of the mighty Chinook/King Salmon migrates into the bay beginning in June/July until mid September. Chinook Salmon caught right from our backyard have ranged from 15 to 63 lbs! Experienced Jot's staff can set you up with one of the areas top rated guides to fish the the Rogue River. We also offer booking trips for individuals or groups with local experienced captains to fish the ocean at the famous Rogue Reef for Linc Cod, Black and Red Snapper. The beauty of these trips is the location of the Rogue Reef which is less than a a few football fields out fro the mouth of the Rogue River. Giant Lings, Green Ling, Black Fish and Red Snapper have been caught in this area of the Reef. Fish early in the morning for Ocean fish to guarantee catching plenty of bottom fish. During the fall run of Silver Salmon from Sept. thru October is some of the best action for catching lots of Salmon during. Jot's staff will book your trip with an experienced guide. This is a sleeper run of Salmon that offers loads of excitement catching Salmon that put offer up a Big Fight! The Winter Steelhead run from December thru March gives an experienced angler the chance for catching the most wily fish in the river. April kicks off the springer Salmon season where you can stay at Jot's and fish with your guide anchor up river to catch the brightest most beautiful Salmon the Rogue River has to offer. These fish range from 10-30 to even 40Lb Salmon.


Beach Activities


While staying at Jot's Resort, you'll have the opportunity to experience the many recreational opportunities available to you on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast. It's probably one of the best places in the world to do nothing, like walking along a sandy beach just clearing your head. Or sitting on a gusty bluff, watching clouds go by. Gazing into a tidepool for what seems like hours, till that starfish finally moves on. Maybe casting a line with no thought at all except what's in that calm pool on the other bank. Gold Beach has that kind of effect on you; it's just the best escape. On the other hand, it's also one of the Northwest's choicest bases for launching yourself into about anything you've been meaning to do "someday" — whitewater jet boating, kayaking, windsurfing, wilderness mountain hiking or biking, or maybe just seeing an eagle, otter or bear that's not in a pen. There's magic to that, and something really magical about knowing it's like this here all the time. Here's the thing about Gold Beach: There aren't a lot of people here, and that probably makes the biggest difference. You don't waste precious time in traffic, waiting in lines or dealing with folks who'd rather be someplace else. Its easygoing. So whether you're looking to slow down or speed up, find your getaway here…


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